Project Journey Traffic Disruptions to Begin January 2018


Volunteer Harry Gossett has a new novel out this year…..

HarryFat Chance and Slim Hope is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, or at one of these outlets:


Baker & Taylor      Barnes & Noble     Ciando          Copia          eSentral        Gardners      iBookstore   Kindle         KOBO         Scribd          Vearsa (including Google Play, Hoopla, Playster and Overdrive)

   Fat Chance and Slim Hope is the story of two very different people: George Chancellor, an FBI agent whose boss thinks he looks too fat, and Hope Olson, a nurse so thin her parents are worried she may be terminal.

  Both Chance and Hope suffer life-threatening pressure about their body builds while they try to deal with a powerful criminal cartel which has killed at least one victim, kidnaped Hope twice and also provides services to Russian intelligence.

  Neither planned to do so, but somehow along the way they fall in love.


Congratulations Harry!





Wings for All

Thanks to our volunteers who worked on November 4 at the Wings for All event sponsored by Reagan National, American Airlines and the ARC of Montgomery County.  We heard nothing but rave reviews about the event and about our incredible team of volunteers:

David Brough

Chas Carron

Laurice Cummings

Joe Downey

Michellene Evans

Brian Kalish

Charles Rademaker

Denise Schossler

Maria Spottswood

Frank Taylor

Aaron Verosky



David Brough and Charles Rademaker on the Wings for All plane

Aaron Verosky and Frank Taylor ready to greet the new flyers!

Brian Kalish working the aisle

A newly trained flyer arriving for her baggage