December Anniversaries……

Another thing to be thankful for this holiday season:  this incredible collection of people celebrating their service as a Travelers Aid volunteer!  Thank you!


1 Year

Toni Abernathy

Jeffrey Hayes

Min Jung Song

Elizabeth Chapin


2 Years

M. Edwin McGee


4 Years

Sally MacLean


6 Years

Christina Robinson


7 Years

J. Kenneth Lowrie


10 Years

Emma Staton


Famous People from the World of Politics

John Kerry

Volunteer Ed McGee saw former Secretary of State John Kerry in Info C on an October morn.

Ed Markey

Volunteer Ed McGee also saw Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts in Terminal C

Amy Klobucher

Volunteer Ameeta Mistry saw Amy Klobucher, Senator from Minnesota, in Terminal A

Heidi Heitkamp

Volunteer Ameeta Mistry also saw Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota in Terminal B

Sean Spicer

Volunteer Mary Doyle saw former Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer in Terminal C

Eric Holder

Volunteer Rick Scott spotted former Attorney General Eric Holder in Terminal B

Susan Rice

Volunteer Greg Snyder saw Ambassador Susan Rice while working Baggage North

Paul Ryan

Volunteer Jacob Von Brandt saw Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in Terminal B