Soccer Team Spotting

dc united wallpaper

Intern  Zoey Lewis saw the DC United Soccer Team while working at the desk in Terminal C

Celebrities from P to T!

Nancy Pelosi

Volunteer Amy Prahar saw Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in Terminal B

Mitt Romney

Volunteer Jeanette Clay saw Senator Mitt Romney while working Info B

Steve Scalise

Volunteer Sally MacLean saw Congressman Steve Scalise while working in Terminal A

Chuck Schumer

Volunteer Amy Prahar saw Senator Chuck Schumer while working Info B

John Thune

Volunteer Ken Lowrie saw Senator John Thune of South Dakota while working at Info B

Celebrities from A to G….

Elijah Cummings

Volunteer Joyce Hammond spotted Congressman Elijah Cummings while working Baggage South

Stacey Abrams

Volunteer Toni Abernathy saw Stacey Abrams, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate and voting rights activist, while working Info B

John Cornyn

Volunteer Ken Lowrie spotted Sen John Cornyn of Texas while working in Terminal A

ted cruz

Volunteers Debra Wiley and Tammy Brown saw Senator Ted Cruz in Terminal A

Al Green congressman

Volunteer Toni Abernathy saw Congressman Al Green of Texas while working in Terminal A

Double sightings of celebrities from the world of politics…..

John Lewis

Volunteers Nancy Weisgerber and Maria Boyle saw Congressman John Lewis in Terminal B – different days, different months!

Kathleen Rice

Volunteer Nancy Weisgerber and trainee Matt Tosiello helped match up a lost wallet with its owner Congresswoman Kathleen Rice of NY

Dick Durbin

Volunteers Sandy Hershey and Adriana Rodriguez saw Senator Dick Durbin while working at Info B…..Volunteer Ed McGee also saw him while working Baggage North

Celebrity sightings of a miscellaneous nature…..

Anthony Anderson

Volunteer Jackie Schrader saw actor Anthony Anderson of “Black-ish” while working Baggage North

Danny Glover

Volunteer Will O’Bryan saw actor Danny Glover while working Terminal A

Drew Scott

Volunteer Mary Doyle saw Drew Scott of HGTV’s “Property Brothers” while working in Terminal A

Henry Kissenger

Volunteer Mike Miller saw Henry Kissinger near the Baggage North Desk

Bette Nash

Volunteer Cheryl Robinson saw Bette Nash, perhaps the oldest American Airlines flight attendant, while working Info C