August and September Anniversaries

Let’s take a moment and appreciate our volunteers who are celebrating an anniversary!  Thank you to each and every one of you!


August Anniversaries

3 years

David Brough

Keith Pickerel

Jessica Taylor


4 Years

Nathaniel Wallace


5 Years

Alan Davis


6 Years

Mark Shafer


10 Years

Thomas Heck


13 Years

Carol Nagel


22 Years

Vanessa Lemme


39 Years

Rhonda Martin



September Anniversaries


1 Year

Jeanette Clay


2 Years

Rosemary Schwartzbard


4 Years

Joi Grieg

Donna King

Pat Patterson


5 Years

Brian Kalish


6 Years

Gail Kuliecza

John Kuliecza


7 Years

Mark Edelman

Janet Fedak

Ken Lane

Wayne Sartis

Phyllis Talbert

Dick White


9 Years

Bernard Alter


13 Years

Elsa Angrist


16 Years

Inge Clayton