A smattering of celebrities…..

Geena Davis

Volunteer Phyllis Sciacca is pretty sure she saw actress Geena Davis in Terminal A

Steadman Graham

Volunteer Toni Abernathy had a nice chat with Stedman Graham, pal of Oprah Winfrey, while working in Terminal A

Sanjay gupta

Volunteer Ed McGee saw Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN while working Baggage North

david gregory

Volunteer Matt Nevans saw David Gregory (CNN) while working an evening shift in Terminal B


June Anniversaries……

An impressive list of volunteers this month!  Thank you for all your work on behalf of the travelers (and visitors!) at DCA!


1 Year

Laurice Cummings

Michellene Evans

Francesca Firek

Justin Haimovici

David Dorsey

William Shumann


2 Years

Arnold Konheim

Daphne Kamely


5 Years

Paul Littman

Ryan Ewing

Tim Bereuter

Mary Bowie

Seth Gleeson

Richard Mobley


6 Years

John Belz

Joseph Downey

Alvertis Smith


8 Years

Steve Goldberg

Congratulations to Travelers Aid Volunteer Annmarie Emmet


For more than 50 years, a troupe of dedicated and tireless volunteers have given mightily of their time and talent to support the National Mall and Memorial Parks achieve its mission by keeping the park safe, educating others, and preserving it for future generations to enjoy.  The participants in the Volunteers-In-Parks (VIP) program are truly very important people, delivering measurable manpower that supports both the everyday operations of the park and large-scale events.

Annmarie Emmet has been a volunteer with VIP since 1987.  Annmarie has amassed well over 18,000 hours and has no plans of stopping any time soon.  She has tirelessly climbed ladders and made thousands of rubbings of names for visitors who wish to have a keepsake of their visits to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  She has been honored with both the prestigious Hartzog Award for her enduring service and Volunteer of the Year award for the National Mall and Memorial Parks.

We at Travelers Aid salute you Annmarie and thank you for all of your volunteer service!