Link for Census Bureau hiring temps for the 2020 Census


Thanks to Volunteer Francesca Firek for sharing information on the Census Bureau hiring 500,000 temporary employees to help with the 2020 census.  We thought some volunteers might be interested!



August and September Anniversaries

Let’s take a moment and appreciate our volunteers who are celebrating an anniversary!  Thank you to each and every one of you!


August Anniversaries

3 years

David Brough

Keith Pickerel

Jessica Taylor


4 Years

Nathaniel Wallace


5 Years

Alan Davis


6 Years

Mark Shafer


10 Years

Thomas Heck


13 Years

Carol Nagel


22 Years

Vanessa Lemme


39 Years

Rhonda Martin



September Anniversaries


1 Year

Jeanette Clay


2 Years

Rosemary Schwartzbard


4 Years

Joi Grieg

Donna King

Pat Patterson


5 Years

Brian Kalish


6 Years

Gail Kuliecza

John Kuliecza


7 Years

Mark Edelman

Janet Fedak

Ken Lane

Wayne Sartis

Phyllis Talbert

Dick White


9 Years

Bernard Alter


13 Years

Elsa Angrist


16 Years

Inge Clayton

Celebrities from P to T!

Nancy Pelosi

Volunteer Amy Prahar saw Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in Terminal B

Mitt Romney

Volunteer Jeanette Clay saw Senator Mitt Romney while working Info B

Steve Scalise

Volunteer Sally MacLean saw Congressman Steve Scalise while working in Terminal A

Chuck Schumer

Volunteer Amy Prahar saw Senator Chuck Schumer while working Info B

John Thune

Volunteer Ken Lowrie saw Senator John Thune of South Dakota while working at Info B