Famous People from the World of Politics

John Kerry

Volunteer Ed McGee saw former Secretary of State John Kerry in Info C on an October morn.

Ed Markey

Volunteer Ed McGee also saw Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts in Terminal C

Amy Klobucher

Volunteer Ameeta Mistry saw Amy Klobucher, Senator from Minnesota, in Terminal A

Heidi Heitkamp

Volunteer Ameeta Mistry also saw Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota in Terminal B

Sean Spicer

Volunteer Mary Doyle saw former Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer in Terminal C

Eric Holder

Volunteer Rick Scott spotted former Attorney General Eric Holder in Terminal B

Susan Rice

Volunteer Greg Snyder saw Ambassador Susan Rice while working Baggage North

Paul Ryan

Volunteer Jacob Von Brandt saw Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in Terminal B


Famous Faces

Loretta Switt

Volunteer Ed McGee saw Loretta Swit in Terminal A when greeting arriving veterans

Rupert Everett

Volunteer Pender McCarter saw British actor Rupert Everett in Terminal C ….we presume he was in town for the screening of “The Happy Prince”

Thankful for our Volunteers who began their journey in November

Impossible that it is November!  In this month of Thanksgiving we celebrate our volunteers who started their adventure in the month of November:


1 Year

Matthew Liu

Fred Phelps


3 Years

Ingrid Butler

David Grandy


4 Years

Adrian Villanueva Garcia Maltez


5 Years

Walter Jarrett

Joyce Hammond

Michael Miller

Tammy Gore


8 Years

Katherine Clarke


12 Years

Carmelita Montesa


13 Years

Carolyn Held


17 Years

James Flanigan


23 Years

Robert Jordan

Volunteers Seth Gleeson and Nancy Anderson staffed a Travelers Aid table at Volunteer Arlington event



Many thanks to Volunteers Seth Gleeson (seen in the picture above) and Nancy Anderson (behind the camera!) for staffing a volunteer recruitment table on July 24, sponsored by Volunteer Arlington.  Travelers Aid now offers online applications from links on the airport website and our very own volunteer page.

If any of our volunteers hear of a local event that might give us the opportunity to gain new volunteers we would be delighted to hear from you!  We can set up anywhere on short notice!  We are always on the hunt for new volunteers!