Happy January Anniversaries

Thank you to our volunteers who began their Travelers Aid journey in the month of January…..we appreciate all you do!


1 Year

Khadijetou Mohamed Amar


2 Years

Kathy Navascues


3 Years

Steven Bloom

Julie Stong

Frank Taylor


5 Years

Jorge Cuadros-Riera

Mary Doyle

Jim Blaha

Judith Blaha


7 Years

LuAnn Kressley

Pender McCarter


9 Years

Nancy Kilpatrick


10 Years

Charles Carron

Bill Latham

Janet (Betsy) Robson

Deborah Wulff


11 Years

Ralph Driscoll


12 Years

Margaret Rindler


13 Years

Larry Lee


18 years

Bev Hill


21 Years

Harold Gossett

Joyce Yee

Muppets in a suitcase


Volunteer Nancy Weisgerber saw Heather Henson, daughter of Jim Henson of Muppets fame (and Northwestern High School graduate) while working at Baggage North.  Seems some Muppets were in the oversized baggage!  The gang were in town for the Kennedy Center’s special celebration opening The Reach.

Celebrities…..even more well known faces!

Sean Spicer

Volunteer Dylan Oakes saw Sean Spicer, most recently of Dancing with the Stars….while working Baggage North

Jill Dougherty

Volunteers Joe Amato and Ed McGee saw CNN correspondent Jill Dougherty while working at Info B

Wolfgang Puck

Volunteer Ed McGee saw restaurateur Wolfgang Puck while working Info B

Christine Brennan

Volunteer Ed McGee saw Christine Brennan of USA Today Sports

David Axelrod

Volunteer Ed McGee was David Axelrod of CNN while working Info C

Rebecca Lobo

Priscilla saw WNBA announcer Rebecca Lobo in Terminal B

David Gergen

Volunteer Rick Scott saw David Gergen of CNN near Info C

Celebrities….well-known faces!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Volunteers David Grandy, Paul Littman, and Bonnie Blaszczyk saw Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Terminal B


Paul Ryan

Volunteer Ed McGee saw former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan near the Baggage North desk.

Newt and Calista Gingrich

Volunteer Mary Doyle saw Newt and Calista Gingrich near Info B

bill and hillary

Volunteer Pat Clark saw Bill and Hillary Clinton in Terminal B

Carly Fiorina

Volunteers LuAnn Kressley and Carolyn Held saw former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina in Terminal C

rudy guliani

Volunteer Sally MacLean saw Rudy Giuliani in Terminal B.

October Anniversaries

Happy anniversary to our volunteers who began their Travelers Aid journey in the month of October!  Nothing “halloweenish” about these years!  Thank you to all!


1 Year

Kate Madrick

Odalys Zuniga


2 Years

Jane Pierson

Jacquelyn Schrader


3 Years

Michelle Feldstein

Irena Pipikiene


6 Years

Ted Edwards


8 Years

Diane Ford

Sandra Hershey


9 Years

Alan Leonard

Florence Starzynski

Paul Starzynski


10 Years

Christine Luong


12 Years

William Moses


13 Years

Joe Amato

Patrick Clark


20 Years

Judith Cooper

Nancy Weisgerber


22 Years

Richard Rogan


26 Years

Nancy Anderson


31 Years

Michael Goodman