A Senator Sighting…..

Joe Manchin

Volunteer Pender McCarter saw Sen Joe Manchin in the security lines in Terminal B


Lots of famous people in our airport!

Tim Kaine

Volunteer Gail Kuliecza saw Sen Tim Kaine in Term B

David Muir

Volunteer Ed McGee saw ABC anchor David Muir in Term B

Eric Holder

Volunteer Joyce Hammond saw former Attorney General Eric Holder in Term C

Elizabeth Warren

Volunteer Rosemary Schwartzbard saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Terminal C.

My Approved Portraits

Volunteer Lisa Chapin saw Sen. Angus King in Terminal B.

Lindsey Graham

Volunteer Rosemary Schwartzbard saw Sen Lindsey Graham in Term C


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How do you do Members of the Media!


Volunteer Phyllis Sciacca saw Jonathan Elias of WJLA by Info C filming a feature about air travel.


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Hello Capitol Hill types!


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